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Why spend money on furnishing?

If you own an apartment in Budapest as an investment we can help you enhance the rental potential. The furniture you put into your property makes a huge difference when your potential tenants view the apartment. Spending a relatively small amount on furnishing is well justified if you can avoid the lenghty vacancies periods. If you seek to rent your Budapest apartment you not only have to have it at the right location but it has to create a wow effect, an excellent first impression.

How much should I pay for my furniture package? What types of furniture package can I choose from for my buy-to-let investment? Your buy-to-let investment in Budapest can generate a profit! For this to happen it is vital that the cost of furnishing in not excessive compared to what you paid for for your Budapest apartment originally. An average / good condition newly built apartment in the downtown of Budapest can be furnished for 4-6% of the original property purchase price. Budapest apartments, especially high ceiling classical units look really impressive once the are fully fitted out. Apartments which have been built recently could be furnished for a little bit less, creating a more modern atmoshpere.

Just have a look at our two default furnishing packages. (Click on the images for more)

Basic package
Plus package

Is it not easier to do it on my own?

While some people love to do it themselves, most people will not insist on spending a whole week of their precious time to furnish their Budapest apartment. Arguably, it is almost the same price to furnish your apartment in Budapest as to order it from a company like ours. As our company does not buy furniture on the retail price suppliers we achive serious dicounts due to largeer volumes of our orders. You may have a good taste for interior decoration our experts will select th ebest value for money items which we know will rent your apartment in Budapest.

how can i get the best value for my money?

Our furnishing experts will offer guidience as to select the right furniture package for your investment apartment. Our objectives: find the right balance of price of the furniture pack, great looking interior, quickest delivery time. We work hard to achive the best results on these 3 important goals so that we can put the property to the Budapest rental market as soon as possible.

How can i enhance the rental potential of my budapest apartment?

There are several ways to enhance the rental potential of your investment. Furnshing at the right price, doing it quickly, doing some necessary refurbishings or doing refreshment paint are key to this. The Budapest property rental market is bouyant, the demand for nice looking apartments in the city center is constant. property to the Budapest rental market as soon as possible.

Let us show you few example of our furnishing projects (Click on the image for more)